Saturday, May 28, 2016

Marital bliss and Gaming 101...

As I sit here writing this, my fingers toes legs and arms hurt.  In fact, I pretty much hurt from my toes to my neck.  You see, I spent the day buying painted armies, playing a game on a non-game day with my buddies, or spending quiet time painting my minis by myself.  Yep, I said "or".  How did I get so sore, and why did I say "or", you may ask?  Listen well, young padawan...I have some sage advice for any gamer with a wife or girlfriend that doesn't "understand" your gaming needs and our hobby overall. 

Happy wife, happy life.

It's trite, it's cliché, it's sappy...and it's darned good advice.  Took me quite a while to get it right, but I figured it out and now I have a loving, happy wife who gives me all of the above when I really need them...not all at once, mind you, but at some time or another. 

Why am I so sore, then, and how does it relate to making my wife happy and getting my gaming needs fulfilled?  Because a few months ago I took a patch of woods just next to our driveway, cleared it of shrubs and trees, and this morning started on this project:
Not sure what that is?  It could be a man-cave.  Might be a 300-plus figure 15mm Napoleonic French army.  Could even be an army that I haven't even seen or bought yet.  Because that picture above, after about 8 hours of tiring, hot, dirty labor of love, turned into this:

Gamers come in many different flavors: you've got your casual gamer, who may or may not own any figures and doesn't have a designated game night.  There's the gamer who probably has one or two armies, plays only one or two rules sets, and has game days but they are maybe once a month or less.  I'm more at the other end of the scale from these...after 40 years of gaming historical miniatures I am still finding new periods and scales to get into, and have more freakin' minis than I can even remember (not true...I remember each and every one by their little lead face and made-up name...just being dramatic!), and I can be dragged whole-heartedly into buying a new army as simply as someone saying "hey, wouldn't it be cool to do the South American wars of independence?"  So I spent today totally dedicated to busting my butt, sweating like a dog, and hurting tonight like I climbed Mt. Everest, because I finally figured out that this:
Your welcome.


  1. Well said my fiend. I've learned the lesson too...

  2. Yes, a valuable lesson for us all! You've created a mighty structure. What are you keeping out? I have a 'happy wife' landscaping project waiting patiently in the yard at the moment. I must take your sagely advice and get the heck out there this weekend!

    By the way, "it'd be cool to do the South American wars of independence!"

  3. Land or naval? Oh, what the heck, let's do both! Alan, we live in the country on 7 acres so we have lots of wildlife that would love Linda's garden. Deer, skunk, rabbits, racoon, possum...have had them all through here!

  4. Rob, my next naval scratch build will focus on the Huáscar and Esmeralda - possibly in 1:1200, so definitely starting off with the naval (I have some Tumbling Dice 1:2400 models I can start with (if I ever get to finishing the paint job!). The land conflict really captures my imagination too. Possibly in 6mm - although that's on the 'to do' list! So many projects ....

    Possums and flying foxes (fruit bats) are our main uninvited guests (although very welcome, of course). I used to work on a strawberry farm that had a huge issue with Deer creeping out of the nearby forest and eating the plants. Sounds fantastic - nice sized property you have there!